Hermosa Beach

Jul 28, 2017


Out of the few commissioned works that I have done for clients Babushka Nails has been by far my favorite piece of work. The whole theme was Hermosa Beach, California vibe. Casual, relaxed but posh at the same time. The nail shop ( Babushka Nails ) is beautifully located on the beach strip of Hermosa Beach. We wanted to covey a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Since I wanted to create a serene atmosphere I picked the colors carefully blues, greens, and different shades of (burnt) oranges. I love layering watercolors on top of each other to create the water mark edges creating a type of texture to the image. When the painting was done, scanned, and uploaded to my desktop I refined the colors a bit and edited a few things. Since I have horrible handwriting I added the chalkboard text digitally as well as the shops name and address number. the last thing I added was the calming blue sky. I knew the paper would fold if I added a large amount of watercolor to the illustration and that the texture would take away from the other objects.

These print are available on my etsy shop as well as a few of them on the actual location of the nail shop located on 1134 Hermosa Ave. Hermosa Beach, CA 90254.

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