Café Con Leche

Jun 9, 2017


Café is one of many illustrations that I have created, and have finally put to print! I will be selling this print along with others on my Etsy shop and I will posting about the illustrations here on the blog along with images showing the process that I took when creating this illustration. 

Café Con Leche was created with my family in mind. I am Mexican-American living in California so I wanted to depict a part of my culture. The best memories I have of my family back in Mexico is sitting around the kitchen gossiping with a hot cup of café con leche (coffee with milk).  Traditional clothing with embroidery and traditional pottery (jarritos) is depicted from my region. This illustration was inked out on bristol paper, painted with watercolor, photographed in natural lighting, and edited on snapseed and lastly on photoshop.  

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